Our services in your area

We’re a team that know this area and have been servicing and repairing properties for many years. Because we are based here, we know the area, the property types and the weather conditions that cause damage sometimes making repairs a necessity. Owing to our experience we can make recommendations on the right materials to suit a range of properties.

We guarantee customer satisfaction and that’s why our reputation in this region is second to none. We offer first class customer service, quality workmanship and we ensure that your property remains in keeping with the area that we all love. This is why our reputation remains robust after so many years in business.

Friendly and knowledgeable team

Regardless of whether you are seeking an entirely new installation or simply need to do some emergency work after a storm, we’re here to help. We’ll make sure your property looks great once the work is done and the peace of mind our quality work will provide will let you sleep soundly even during the next gale.

Your satisfaction is our priority – it’s what makes our business thrive and our reputation grow. We’ll look after your property during the job, keeping it clean and tidy and, once we’ve finished, your premises will be watertight and secure.

When you contact us on 01924 846118, you can request to see samples of our many previous jobs. We'll perform a site visit so we know exactly what problems you are facing and send you a written, no obligation quotation. You can also email us through the website.

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